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new stripfight

A new stripfight -- yep, it's Monday. :)

I did mine in 30 minutes, starting from 20 minutes to spare--and photoshop was NOT cooperating with me. I was going to rework it after the deadline, but I'm not sure. Is it worth a re-do?

Wound up playing in DAZ|Studio a lot more. I think I'm done tinkering. Still haven't figured out 'shadows' properly, but I managed to create something in Blender and export it to DAZ|Studio, and that's a HUGE step for me ((exporting from Blender to wavefront obj wasn't giving it uv coordinates, or something like; drove me crazy all weekend, netless, unable to research. Figured it out in a few more hours (well, give or take on the figured it out) after coming home -- http://uvmapper.com/ is the answer. Just import, export, and BAM, default uv mapping, and now I can texture in DAZ|Studio!

I figure I should sort and post pictures from the trip. (Thanks for all the well-wishes! I think they did some good. :) ) I'm not happy with any of the solutions I've used for such to date, but maybe that's just going to have to be the state of the world.

First, I've got 'web galleries' exported from Photoshop... I tweaked the template minimally, and like that perhaps best of all, so far. Would write up an overview/description on the front page. The thing I like least about it is that there's no metadata, no dynamicism. It's all just flat html, which means exporting to any other system is going to suck.

Then I started using Gallery, and it's... nice enough, but not quite enough, for me. I don't know why, but I'm really not happy with it. zotsf says Gallery 2 is much nicer, but I'm kind of scared of trying it. I think I tried upgrading to one of the betas a couple of times, to no avail. And then there's hacking its template to work with the rest of my site. Still, the data is somewhat dynamic and the code is opensource, so there's pluses there if there's anything else I _REALLY_ want to do with it. I remember hating how Gallery 1 was coded, not wanting to get my fingers wet... but I hear that was the general consensus and is why Gallery 2 exists.

Then there was http://mypics.alethe.net/, which was wonderful for a bit, but... just another albatross, now?

And scrapbook is cool. But. Eh. I don't know. =/

And no, I don't want to use flickr. I've got way too many pictures and I don't want to pay for it.
Tags: 3d modeling, blender, daz, daz studio, photo hosting, photoshop, stripfight, thoughts comic

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