quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Today's art, and a choice

Actually, the first piece is technically not today's... but we'll let that slide. I was asked most kindly to go back and flesh out the covers of Dark Brothers of the Light, to bring them in line stylistically with, well, there was a strong nod to the Dutch translation of DBOTL #1. And since I was dying for an excuse to play in photoshop (relaly--I'd been wanting to yesterday, but had no inspiration. I spent all of yesterday pretty much exhausted. Did yoga for the first time in forever, and that just made me more tired. Bah! Didn't do it today--double bah. Told myself I'd do it after lunch, then ... kind of ... forgot to have lunch. Let me tell you I was starving by the time Amy came home (around 9p? 10p? Something like. When does Scrubs come on? Just before that.)

On with the show!

And now the choice --




for most of this, istockphoto was my bosom buddy. you may or may not recognize the helm, though, in the first of the two choices -- I made that for the render of the cover of book 6.

Tags: blender, book covers, dark brothers of the light, photoshop

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