quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Rejection -- Ode to Pain, Prostitute, In the Night (After the Choice)

Ode To Pain -- Oct 11 '05 to Mar 04, 2006
Prostitute -- Oct 11 '05 to Mar 04, 2006
In the Night, After [...] -- Oct 11 '05 to Mar 04, 2006

Hello and thank you for letting me read your submission. Sorry for the form letter, but the volume of submissions no longer allow me to comment on each story or poem personally.

Unfortunately , your submission was not quite what I am currently looking for. Please feel free to submit again soon and best of luck placing this submission with another market.


Donna Burgess, editor
Naked Snake Press & Poe Little Thing
Tags: in the night (after the choice), ode to pain, poe little thing, prostitute, rejection, writing

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