quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I wrote a story =)

I'm amazed. I had a neat idea and then the hardest time starting it because I couldn't think of how to do it right. And then I started and wrote it while playing a game of chess online and debugging my linux setup for someone else. And then I finished it off, the last hundred words (it was for a five hundred word challenge), just perfectly. I mean, it probably sucks -- I am a bit delirious from lack of rest/sleep/whatnot. To whit, I wrote a poem (not a good one, either, but one that perhaps gives some feel of the level of my energy at the moment...) But the story's written, titled _Echos_ (and I can't decide if that's properly spelled _Echoes_ or not -- that's how tired I am...) and I have a friend who says he'll read it over for me tomorrow. That should make a difference, he's got a critical eye (and a masters in english). :)

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