quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

lj update. oh my.

I updated my livejournal profile for the first time in five years.


I came and thought and sat and looked, and these things came forth. In other words, "What the fuck?"

Right. I'm a programmer-ish person who likes to create (paint, write, whatever...). I've got a degree in electrical engineering/computer science, and supposedly i specialized in bioelectrical engineering. wish it said that on my degree. not that the degree means shit, but whatever. in the workforce, being forced to learn that a degree really doesn't make a person competent (in my opinion, at least -- I feel I'm competent, and in retrospect I really don't think school helped that at all, so there's no reason to expect school did anything for anyone else either....) whoah. that was a rant. sorry. weird. that's me, I guess.


I'm amazed that I've had this journal for five years. A little over one sixth of my life, at this point. I think I've grown a lot, not just around the waist, but I hope I haven't lost anything too important over that span. I met the love of my life, married her, went through a plethora of housing changes, as well as a plethora of job changes (all the same sort of thing, but increasing in responsibility--the sort of thing you're expected to do in a corporation, but I rode the tail end of the dot com boom/bust), and now I run my own company with a friend. My biggest accomplishment in terms of personal projects to date seems to be PoemRanker. I'm also fairly proud of the reception to my tetris clone, falling up, and look forward to developing many more retro-inspired games. That's what 2005 was supposed to be about, for me, or maybe 2004--I sort of lost track. I'm also trying to finish a number of novels, have been keeping thoughts, a weekly one-cell comic for about six months, and have somewhat recently been commissioned to do a series of covers for ReneBooks (actually, several series of covers, with hopes to expand).
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