quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Blood Arcane -- raw render, closeup, no genitalia :)

closeup closeup

posing needs some work if we go with this shot. just presenting an alternative. A little less busy. :)

and yeah, he's supposed to have an expression of horror on his face. But that's something I'll have to work on either in the pose or drawing... I thought I'd selected a good look of horror in MakeHuman, but... who knows? Oh, and the eyebrows are big and chunky. I maybe should texture those separately if we went with this one. Hell, I could try to texture the eyes and lips, even. Anyone mind if he's bald? Then... Hell. Who knows. Would be sweet to not do any photoshop touching up other than cutting out the bits that are the fake ground needed for shadow-casting... I really don't think I'm there, though. But. Who knows? There's not too much going on in this one.

Tags: blender, blood arcane, covers, makehuman, photoshop

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