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Blood Arcane -- raw render, NSFW (includes dangling genitalia)

Blood Arcane -- raw render, NSFW
Blood Arcane -- raw render, NSFW

This is my Makehuman dude, rigged and duplicated into three different poses. It was fun trying to figure out how to get the two guys in the back to hold the guy in the front. Darkened the background, and managed to capture the shadows from the render but then cut out the 'ground'. Also pretty damned happy with the skintone I made up. That's a keeper! Now I just need to paint the clothes on, but I think I'll wait on that to see how the folks its for feel about it. Silly to waste the effort if I've got to even nudge the render the slightest bit. Oh, man, and it took FOREVER to maneuver a scorpion tail I made into position to get the shadow on his chest the way I'd sketched it previously. I think I'm really making progress, though--I managed to make a scorpion tail via icosphere push/pull and then extrude/scale method in not very much time. :) So hey, maybe the practice _did_ pay off a little. Oh, nifty fact--I didn't rig the foot _at all_ (I'll be drawing over with boots anyway, but they're stuck 90 degrees to the lower leg), and I didn't rig the fingers--the curled fingers on the top guard are me actually going in and editing the mesh. Quick and easy, _definitely_ getting the hang of some of the tools. Yeah, quick and easy, and I've been working on this since I finished the sketch some 9 hours ago? Maybe less, but I don't want to go see. And the L looking like an R... I see the problem, but I really, REALLY like how the title looks like pseudo-sanskrit, at the same time. And it's still 500% more legible than previous covers for the series. ;)

Tags: blender, blood arcane, covers, dark brothers of the light, makehuman, photoshop, scorpion

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