quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

blood arcane ruminations

concept sketch, take 1. concept sketch, take 1.

This borrowed from two primary sources... http://www.rictus.com/bman-97/kneeling-man-front.jpg and http://www.brandonslay.com/i/gallery/Looking%20Up%20Medal.jpg

This took about two and a half hours so far. I know just about nothing is right with it, but that's why I use Blender, right? Or... I ... yeah... don't know. I don't have the demoness conceptualized very well. And two guards are supposed to be holding dude's chest "open". That's his tattered shirt hanging from his wrists (yeah, and what does that look like, huh?). And... stuff. I'm sure the desert background isn't helping anything, but it's the thing I like the most about the picture. Any non-ego-crushing thoughts?
cover layout, take 1 cover layout, take 1

I rather like it all black. Thinking I may run with something more akin to that than the previous.

Tags: covers, drawing, photoshop, renebooks

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