quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Memory lane... and thoughts.

[14:08] kaolin fire: I just realized I didn't have a link to "thoughts" from my homepage. WTF was I thinking? ;)

[14:09] kaolin fire: ugh. and I still have a link to NFG of all things. on my links page.

[14:11] kaolin fire: My god. I've had a personal website for 10 years

[14:12] kaolin fire: it has enough _crap_ on it to be 10 years old, but it certainly looks like shit.

[14:13] kaolin fire: God, I did the font thing back in 2003...

Nostalgia road, filled with bumps and cracks, and funhouse mirrors to make the end so much closer than the beginning.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm what, 28? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

If you're not hip to it, thoughts has been updating once a week for something like thirty weeks, now. I should really do a newsbox so I get some traffic-in-trade. The majority of my hits have been from the little ... I forget what it's called. Those dots on the homepage of http://comicgenesis.com/.

Didn't do stripfight last week. This week, maybe? Hope so. Topic: Babies. I want to up my comic output, even if I only keep showing them once a week. ;) I need a buffer. And I really don't feel like one a week has been upping my drawing proficiency.

And I need to make a better site than what I've got, really, for the comics. It should be interactive. I had thoughts of a "have a better caption?" system. And comments on each. And... stuff. But it's not really worth the effort unless I've got a serious readership (and then put google ads on it, of course ;) because y'all are suckers for google ads, right? er, right.) I think I've made $200 from google ads on all of my sites together (that I've put ads on, natch), over... three years? Something like.

Falling Up doesn't get the play it should on my site, but it's still high in hits from ... well, everywhere. It's "polished" and "published" (well, as much as it's going to be), posted to hell and gone, so things come to it. I haven't given Detritus any of that love, because it's not "done". I need to "done" it.

I've been slacking off too much since my last post of things-to-do-or-done to really update on that. I've been thinking about the list, but not really attacking it. So much slacking off that handbrewed occupies all of my non-slack time, nearly. Need to work on that, yeah.

Gah. And I'm really getting sick of my lj style--not that it matters, not that anyone really every looks at other people's styles...
Tags: comic, looking back, memory, nostalgia, overworked, thoughts, thoughts comic

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