quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I guess I should take this as a rejection


Just happened back to their website, browsing through a friend's list of published fiction.

Story House is now officially out of the roasting business! We've sold out to another company and are liquidating our remaining raw coffee beans. Our sale prices aren't up yet, but check back in a few days. We plan to offer several of the coffees at or below cost if you buy in bulk. This is a terrific opportunity to save!

Just More of the Same -- May 27 '05 to ?
Ritual of Now Intensified -- May 27 '05 to ?
Sum of Squares -- May 27 '05 to ?

It's really a shame to see them go, though I have to admit that despite my moderate caffeine addiction I did nothing to support them. It was on the list of things to buy when I had super-disposable income, but--well, if I'd remembered them prior to the holidays, I probably would have gotten something.

Instead, I'll agonize over the fact that "not enough" people are reading my comic, nor popularizing my arcade game(s).
Tags: fiction, rejection, story house, writing

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