quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

an anti-update

Every few days I wish I'd written more. I never feel like I have the time.

Today and yesterday--christmas. Did today's comic, and next week's--I'm going to be on vacation! A friend's wedding, and celebrating my own anniversary with Amy, up in San Francisco. Good food, good times, I'm sure. Hopefully I'll get some writing done. Maybe some drawing? Programming? Yeah, sure. Maybe.

Hammered out a synopsis of my novel, under 1000 words. Going to get it professionally critiqued, through some fluke of being at the right place when the open offer was made. Hoping buffysquirrel comes online to vet it, but some people seem to take relaxing and celebration more seriously than others. ;) She did, she did! And she got it down to 500 words, and it reads so much more interestingly now! We've got a synopsis!!!

Too many other projects. So little time. I've been relaxing, and it's stressing me out. I'm booked to draw two more covers (need to bug about getting paid for the first two at some point) [[well, more than two if you count the rest of the two series, but you never know how things will work out]]

Amy and I spent some time critiquing each other's presents. Overall, we did well, but it was a little off. The funniest thing was she most appreciated the two "practical" gifts I got her--a package of two blue night lights, and a turkey baster. And maybe she'll like In Living Color--I hope she does. It was a good show (got the first season), and she likes comedy. Also got her the first season of Golden Girls, which she likes--but maybe she didn't really need it on dvd. It was all bought at target, and she has a gift receipt. No hard feelings, whatever she takes back, of course. :)

Craziest thing of late is I bought two suits (currently being tailored), four dress shirts, four ties, dress shoes, and a belt. My gods, that was expensive! But Amy wants to play dress up more often--we've got two weddings coming up, our own anniversary, and, well, yeah. Work has demanded that I show up in a suit just so they can see what that's like.
Tags: christmas, comic, dress-up, novel, novel: dfn, overworked, suit, synopsis, thoughts comic, writing

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