quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I killed them ALL.

4230 emails, read one by one (with bare exception--there was a chunk of nfg banter that I knew I could just sort out later, knew it wouldn't have any bearing on anything at all in the real world--made a subfolder for that and tossed it away). Didn't, of course, do everything that I was supposed to _in_ those emails, but that's not what email is for. That's what skwerms is for. Yes, I'm going to start using skwerms.org again. Or I'd better if I'm going to keep track of all the little not-quite-day-to-day things. ;) For something besides movies-to-see, books-to-read, music-to-hear, etc.


Did two comics from ideas zzinnia had a year or two ago. They'll be going up on their regular schedule (one any moment now, the other a week from then), though they're also visible on my pics page if you want to sleuth.

30 hours, with a break for breakfast, a break for lunch, a break for dinner...

and now, a shower!
Tags: comics, emails, purging, skwerms, thoughts

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