quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

two intense dreams

nowhere else to put them, I guess. Or something. I'm *not* going to go into all the details. There was too much going on. An interesting note is I was utterly myself in both these dreams, especially the second one.

I.e. they were both real (to me) -- believable. At the time, at least. Of course, dreams often are believable at the time, but...

The first lasted, subjectively, a month (or so). It involved a camp out in the woods; on a river much like the russian river; maybe bigger/slower. Not too much bigger, though. I don't remember much more of this. It may well have been an apocalyptic dream (idyllic one...) with nowhere else to go back to. That would jibe with recent notquitefears and all that.

The second lasted only a day... it was a really long day. For some reason, I'd been considering going to japan to study. [I think this may have come from my thinking of going to israel to work on a commune] On the plus side, the dream flight lasted only about 6 hours (as opposed to what, 14?), and I didn't have to experience any of it. *poof* I actally started experiencing dream stuff when I got off the plane, I think. When I was there, I started figuring out my school enrollment and stuff, talking with some friends (come to think of it, one of them was the person I was going to go to Israel with), when I realized I wasn't signed up for classes. Then I realized that I'd actually decided not to go. I was really bummed that I spent the $900 for a one way ticket, really bummed that I was going to have to spent another $1300 (dream knowledge) for a flight back. It took me an hour or two to notice, and by that time (+plane flight) Amy was just getting home from school to find me not there. I got a call from her on my cellphone (which for some reason worked... it wasn't surprising to me in the dream), which was low on batteries ... I couldn't explain myself fully to her but I let her know I was in Japan and that I was coming home as soon as possible. The phone cut off, and I couldn't recharge it (didn't try, didn't even really think about it).

Okay, this is conceivably a third dream, but it mixed with the previous. I was in a foreign country ... in a boarding house ... where I'd just arrived and was assigned a room. It was a humongous boarding house, overcrowded, people and beds haphazardly (well, seemingly so) placed all through the hallways. Beds were bunk beds, and they apparently slept four. I kinda had flashes of Cloyne (a local Co-op). Anyway, this all had something to do with work. It was like a work retreat or something. I met up with a bunch of people I'd not met before, and started discussing the projects they worked on and I worked on and all that. And some of them I had actually met before in real life, but they didn't know me ... and they seemed different. And then I remembered that I'd jumped timestreams to avoid something that I hadn't meant to do, and that explained it... and I wondered what else had changed.

Then I woke up.

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