quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

coding into the night

yeah, it's not REALLY into the night yet, but Amy's really *#^*#$&^'d my schedule. I'm tired.

Anyway... :)

I just sent in a patch for the dev version of micq. Hopefully he'll accept it, and we'll see autoaway in 0.4.8 :) [patched the 09-13 dev version].

The code base has changed even more drastically from 0.4.7 -> 0.4.7+cvs -- I really think it's due to be 0.5.0 [or even 2.0.0]

Trying to decide whether to sleep or to try to do the "resend" command. It shou
dl be easy enough, but (Oh yeah, I should sleep) -- I'm waiting to hear whether he wants patches separate or together... I don't know what to base diffs of of for a second patch. la. :)

Maybe I'll work on fractroam -- Tobin (from splorg) showed me some sample parallelizing code to run it on multiple machines. :)

la la la!

or speaking of fractroam, ifni made some suggestions on how I might be able to organize it much better. So I could work on that.

Definitely starting to get tired, though.

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