quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Updated my projects page

specifically, fractroam. Added a DirectX port and a version that saves all frames as .png files. [Did you know that in the specs, .png is pronounced "ping"? :) spreading the info around, because before I tried to write one, I didn't....]

The page seems really slipshod, though -- I don't have a clue how best to present all the information. Any comments or suggestions on what might make it easier to read through or understand or whatnot would be GREATLY appreciated.

And I'd kinda also like to add screenshots, but I'm not sure where on the page would accomodate them. :)

Yeargh. I hate housekeeping (I did the new code for fractroam a while ago, but kept putting off updating the page with it) :sigh:

And I spent 10 hours cleaning house today. Not near done, either. :(

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