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1 year ago -- 2004 -- STRESS! Menial web development. I dropped my bike, and struggled with my name change. I worried about my wedding, my name change, my car problem (sort of), worked WAY too much, was in the process of getting rid of NFG, thinking about GUD, FINALLY MADE A BREAKTHROUGH ON MY ASTEROIDS GAME, joined Scrawl for flash and chat, thought about ideas for comics, agonized over Amy living in Los Angeles while I was up in Oakland...

2 years ago -- 2003 -- Had an art show. worked on poemranker. spent my own money to advertise NFG. Recovering from having dropped my bike. I appear to have been working on fiction of some sort. Veronica started working at Timbuk2. Doing 100poems. I sold a painting!!!!!!!!! Lots of nightmares. Thinking about NanoWrimo.

3 years ago -- 2002 -- I have no idea what in particular I'm referring to here, but it's a chat system of some sort. And hey, I used to play games!!! Hmm. Looks like this was the windows client for globealive.com. Really, that long ago?. I was traumatized when I killed a living creature I was afraid of. I bought my parents new computers.
so today I relaxed. it was good. I hung out with an old friend and we talked about this that and the other, had some YUMMY broccoli soup his daughter made, went for a walk around hidden lakes park, fed the ducks, went to a small art show... it was really good. As much as I hate the fact, I really needed it. relaxation, that is.
-- was this me? Was this you? What could this... OHHHH. This was richard. Yes, this was a wonderful experience. Okay, moving on. Happy memories. :) First issue of NFG finally due to hit print?

4 years ago -- 2001 -- Writing. Inspired to write skwerms, finally. worked on the chatroom for imaginaries! server network problems. at amy's place. donovon's crashing at our place for a while. starcraft, oh the evil goodness of starcraft. remembering 10 years prior, in flashes. Starting NFG! Using stylesheets for the first time. Got binary files into postgresql and set up a jsp server (resin). Hunting for apartments with Amy (and Rafael, perhaps). Noting a downslump in my stocks. 100poems. 6 months with Amy... =) =) =) And... I bought a television via ebay, and it was crap, and broke, and I really just screwed myself, there. I made it through 100poems my first try. And only that try. Things with Amy rocky but promising. :) Moved into the echo apartment a few months later.

4 and a half years ago -- 2001, March -- Hello, journal. Doing jsp in the closet at work (Metazoa). Thinking about my life. I'm happy I'm happy I'm happy I'm happy! Hung out on the beach with Metazoa folks.

I'll have to do this in six months to hit the 'odd' bits. :)

I really wish it went back further.

5 years ago -- 2000 !?

6 years ago -- 1999 -- The Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers' Co-operative was renamed to imaginaries. Site was redone, some. In... c? Or the c was just copied over? I really don't know. There was some c, at least. But I don't think I was doing extensive jsp yet. What was this?

7 years ago -- 1998 -- took over imaginaries somewhere in '98, according to accounts. Well, before it was imaginaries, really. The Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers' Co-ooperative. c, with my own flatfile database schema, before I really understood what a database was (even though I was doing some database work with mSQL at transbay).

8 years ago -- 1997 -- moved to Carrison St. Apartment with Kate, I think. I know that was in November or so, at least. Not exactly sure which year. Maybe '98? May of (this year, whichever it was), adopted Heron. Before that, a little bit, Aire and Telav (two elderly rats). They were so cute. :/

9 years ago -- 1996 !?

10 years ago -- 1995 -- moved out of the dorms at UC Berkeley after being there one semester ((okay, at this point I hadn't quite moved out; still, it was momentous. I was probably looking. At working at the Dining Commons of Unit 1 as a dishwasher. I think I was also doing a side job of perl + html at a company called Novomedia -- My first coding gig, though I'd done some shareware and tinkering and coding competitions prior...)). moved in to the Dwight Way apartment, a flat on top of a sushi bar that the owner had originally wanted to extend the bar up to; zoning laws prohibited that, apparently. But it was fully decked out. Went through a slew of roommates and made a slew of friends, here. Michael and Topac; Kevin, across the hall; we all worked at Transbay, at some point. Later, I think. Or I did, later, at least. I bought a new (old) motorcycle for my job "across the bay". San Francisco was a scary place to go to, so far away. '81 KZ 750. I killed that thing. :/

How can I figure this out better? Anyone want to toss memories into the pot? What was my life like when you knew me "way back when", and when... when was that, exactly? :)

Somewhere in there, I taught a semester of highschool computer science. Did a lot of system administration. Started playing with photoshop. Co-taught two Java courses at a Umea University, in Sweden. TA'd a course in Java. Learned about cognitive science... Joined the fantasy and science fiction writers' co-operative. Gave critters a try (that was just before the Summer in Sweden, because I remember failing to keep up then). Interned at LBL; wound up doing various grunt tasks, including basic webwork; and digital cleaning of MRI slides. I really could have applied myself more, there.




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Oct. 26th, 2005 12:03 pm (UTC)
Cool progression. It's interesting how things change.
Oct. 26th, 2005 04:12 pm (UTC)
Extended some.

Funny how the more I fill into a year, the faster it seems to have gone.
Oct. 26th, 2005 06:44 pm (UTC)
Since I'm not mentioned in the memory summaries that I can see (without having the time at the moment to read the links), I'll have to read later and then send you some memories of me! My ego will not let them stand without at least some mention of them. :)

A sample scan: gaming (of course). reading your poetry. walking with you and shweta hand in hand on Shattuck. riding with you on the California freeway at 80+ an hour (i don't actually know; I was too busy hanging on to read the speeddials). hitching a ride after we ran out of gas. "let me do the talking," says kaolin. "you don't handle people well." :)

playing chess and drinking sake in the Dwight apt (what a cool place). the truck incident of Which We Do Not Speak.

later memories: playing chess with you online while I was in law school. trips to California over the past ten years, about once a year. crashing on assorted sofas at your places. meeting Amy. realizing how much your writing and mind were evolving; trying to keep up. looking at NFG.

me calling shweta's house in scotland and then she put you on the phone. fuck! i think i was unemployed at the time except for dad's, just been fired from talladega, so say around 2000.

teaching at montevallo. you sat in on one of my classes. another year, different trip? in happier days later, you went to the civil rights museum with me and fixed the clock in my mother's bmw. best photo op yet.
we need more money and time so i can fly you out here one year soon.

on one particularly fun trip: going over the Oakland Bridge on your bike. going to the aquarium. taking the ferry around the bay (we really did all that?)

your wedding. seeing shweta again. meeting more of your friends. you navigating me back through the maze of the LA streets that made me want to crawl into a fetal position.

overall, i think we've done the best job of staying friends long distance of anybody i know. i can't say we're quite the same people, but i think we've kept evolving and getting sharper; i never know quite what to expect from you and i hope you feel the same.

Oct. 27th, 2005 10:41 pm (UTC)
keep in mind these are all supposed to be memories around the end of october, beginning of november.

and yeah, any of those items you can put dates to that fit around there, that would be great. Especially in the big blank spots, pre-lj!

And yeah. It's been a wonderful evolution. :)
Dec. 18th, 2005 09:28 pm (UTC)
Dates? Months?
Exact dates? You're talking to the wrong person. Err, stuff happened when it happened, right. :)
Oct. 27th, 2005 10:38 pm (UTC)
THIS is a tremendous fantastic thing. I think I will do something similar (credit attributed of course) this weekend. Things have been so...indescribably bad...that some perspective seems like just the thing.
Oct. 27th, 2005 10:39 pm (UTC)
perspective is wonderful.

don't worry about the credit, it's just something going around, I think.

I wish you would allow comments more often.

I wish you the best.
Oct. 27th, 2005 11:36 pm (UTC)
Thanks, man. Feel like things are leveling slowly. I've got a mountain of semi-fun stuff I've been meaning to put in my journal. This weekend should show some quasi-retarded amusingness on your friends list. :) (btw did you know that amusingness is actually a word? *snort*)
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