quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

brain cells trying to fire... aren't they cute?

ooh. I just thought of a really neat feature to add to thunderbird, maybe. hmm. though I just thought of a way to do what I wanted, anyway. I wanted to be able to run two filters on my mailbox, in two different windows. Open thunderbird in another window, and bamf. you've got the ability. after all these times of opening up another window accidentally, I now "understand". :)

Though it would be, perhaps, even cooler to be able to save 'dynamic' mailboxes. Maybe you can, and I just haven't found it (because I haven't looked). Dunno.

A co-worker reminds me to look at http://zimbra.com/, which admittedly is totally awesome. But webmail, which always gives a bit of lag...
Tags: ideas, overworked, thunderbird, zimbra

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