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I took apart a scanner today!

I've been meaning to for about six months, now. Never got around to it. Almost threw it out before dismantling it (I'd heard scanners were good sources of geared motors, which is why I was holding onto it). I TOOK IT APART! WHOOHOO! It was all of like five minutes' time, very little effort involved. There's hardly anything in there. :)

The hardest part was removing the scanner plate from the plastic frame (just because I thought it would be nifty to have a scanner plate lying around for spare parts... I mean, it's just glass...). It was connected with that sticky sort of stuff like those hooks that stick to walls.

So out of the scanner, I got the geared motor (it's a stepping motor, too! I need to look up its inputs, it has a part number and company on the side), and its gear train (minimal, about three gears, but they step it down a LOT -- you've seen how slowly a scanner can move, right? thunk, thunk, thunk....) and... the niftiest SUPER-EL-WIRE! It's the scanning "bulb". It takes 3kV to activate. I *think* it's DC, but I could be wrong. But even cooler is it has a modular bit of controlling circuitry. All I have to do is give *that* 15V, and I'm blinded. 5V only lights a third the tube. A 9V battery lights it fully but somewhat dimly. And it's flexible and all that and much great fun. It's not really EL-wire; it's much better, I think. =)

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