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What is my writing?

nick'd from a friend who read an article that I'd also read but had decided I didn't have time for. Well, now I'm ignoring _other_ things for a quick moment, and so--

Ten things that describe my writing? Then order... then pick the top three... I skipped the middle a bit.


Those to me are the key elements. And "Different" is not a very good descriptor. Now, I prefer to write things _about_ consciousness, dreams, magic, technology, hmm. Surreal could work as an adjective... Dreamlike doesn't quite work, because it has to be sharper. Nightmarish wouldn't be bad, except it's limiting and only conveys some of what I like to play with. Playful--I suppose that's there. Hmm. Okay, talking, spending more time, forcing the words out--I find more words. Funny, huh? Is it _fair_ to call something insightful? Doesn't everyone want to be, in one way or another. That's too generic, perhaps. Dark, challenging--sure. And let's make up a word--Inploratory, to say something Exploratory doesn't necessarily of itself. I don't mean introspective, as that's too structured in my head, too pointed. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the feel of the word, though.

I'd love to be well-written and true-to-voice, and I think that's very important for my writing to work... but I don't think I'm there yet.

Ordering them?

Inploratory goes at the top
Conscious -- except I can't quite define this, in context, so I'm probably very wrong. Or just full of myself. Or something.
Surreal seems to be important to my voice; when I'm not that, I'm flat.

If I can't consider my work intelligent, I can't consider it much. What the hell, let's swap out Inploratory for Exploratory. Same diff? You can explore inwards as well as out, etymology notwithstanding...


EIS sounds like some sort of disorder.

Whatever it is, perhaps I've got it.
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