quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

A dream...

I don't normally have nightmares, these days. This one got me, though. It lasted several days (in my mind). It was very real. Bleah.

I'm on vacation in europe (Italy?) with my parents. (Everyone speaks english, though, though stilted). I meet up with some folks (via internet?) to go backpacking with while I'm there. I take an extra flight to meet up with them and we all hang out in a strange 3 story hotel/dorm accomodation thing. Then we go out to dinner, at which point they capture me in a van and take me to a plantation where they set me to work out in the fields. After the morning's work, the workers are sitting around and a miniboss is complaining about how tired all the workers are and how poorly they perform and I look around and see that it's because they're insanely dehydrated (and malnourished) and say so. They all get more water and are excessively happy. I get tossed in a shed/room (quite luxurious, though isnanely cramped). Someone else is bumped out of there into the main house. They're happy. They've lived on the plantation all their life. They ask me if I can read Lawrence of Arabia (something like that) and I reply that I know how to read. They skip away. The room has strange sliding things all over the place to deal with the space. A closet and a mattress... a large television that apparently gets many channels, probably only filtered. I hear a high pitched noise and see a dog pop up out of nowhere, run out the door, run into the main house... then scratching/scrabbling noises and I move the top mattress and the same dog pops out. It runs out the door and into the main house. This repeats for a bit until two dogs that seem the same run into each other and start playing with each other. I find my stuff -- my phone. I have reception, which surprises me, and I call the airport to let them know what happened. The airport sends two folks in to see what happened; they arrive under some guise. I'm explaining my situation better to them when they decide they're willing to extract me. I hide under the van, and we're off ... at the first village, there are sirens all over the place. My rescuers pull over (they kinda have to, even though we all know it's a trap). One of them stays with the van while the other rushes to the other side of the village with me, to be picked up by the first one when she's through. After scurrying to the other end and waiting for a bit, the first one comes by with her arm in a sling; she hides something in a pile (I'm guessing it's a finger or her hand or something like that, she's crying), then sees us and urges us to shoo (while doing so herself). Behind her rush guards. I run and do my best to alter my appearance and gait. Most of the people don't know they're looking for me, which helps. Unfortunately I come to the main boss. He doesn't see me, and I turn to run but his helper spots me and calls me out. The main boss turns around and I carefully aim a punch through his right eye. I wake up finding that I've actually punched the corner of my closet and my knuckle is bleeding.

I can remember more, probably, but I'm really not in the mood. It exists.

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