quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

rejection: Unicorn Hunt

Unicorn Hunt -- Book of Dark Wisdom -- Feb 01 '05 - Aug 26 '05


Thank you for submitting "Unicorn Hunt" to Book of Dark Wisdom. The story is strong and well developed, but it doesn't quite fit the needs of the magazine at this time. I regret that I must pass on it.

I'd also like to thank you for being patient with the long response time. The magazine as been flooded with submissions, and I've been trying to give each one a full reading. 3 associate editors have been added, so this should return our response time to normal.

I would like to encourage you to submit again in the future -- this story was a near match. And the response time should be much better.


William Jones
Editor, Book of Dark Wisdom
Visit our forums at:

W00t! I have my favorite story back! So now I can go elsewhere with it, or, er... you know, cuddle it in the darkness. Actually, next on the list is SciFiction, then The Third Alternative. Then we'll see--Strange Horizons didn't really want to give it another chance despite the heavy editing, F&SF didn't like it, ... hmm. PineMag said they wanted to see it again if they ever did the genre issue they were considering. I really haven't sent it very many places, it seems. Where should I send it after The Third Alternative???
Tags: book of dark wisdom, fiction: unicorn hunt, rejection, writing

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