quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

comic update: got a cigarette?

This was inspired by Her! Girl v. Pig. He's having a birthday guestravaganza (third annual, as the case may be), and I figured, er... yeah. Kill two birds with one stick of dynamite and all that. Only took, er, close to four or five hours.

Right, the actual guest strip, then:

If it's not funny at all (click through for the larger, more legible version), then maybe (just maybe) you should go read Her! And then maybe (just maybe) it'll be funny. And maybe it still won't. No telling.

Pacing with four cells is so much different than one. Oy! A lot more room to move things around. But then, a lot more drawing to get stuff to flow. Even with cheap cut-and-paste-and-resize and crap.
Tags: comic, girl, guest strip, her! girl v pig, pig, thoughts comic

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