quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

trying to remember to do things

I posted a couple on-the-spot poems to 100poems; three, really, and two of them I actually liked. =) If you want to see all the poems I've posted to 100poems, check out my memories. I'm recording them. Most of them suck, though. The ones that don't, I'm keeping on poemranker.

Made progress last night with my fractal program. Posted questions to developers. No response, yet.

Sent out stories to a couple of mags via email. Shouldn't hear back for a month or two on them, but I need to remember to persevere and keep sending them out (and to send out hardcopies to mags that only accept those when I'm home sometime -- I want to get published in the Mag of SF&F -- if I could pay for my subscription to it with submissions, that would be good enough for me. :)

I need to rewrite a lot of my older stories. I think I've gotten a lot better at writing, but I'm having less and less plot ideas. Or perhaps I'm just that much more critical. But it should be relatively easy to go back to a lot of my old stories and rewrite them with better plots and characters. And then I might have more stories I could actually be proud of. :)

Need to update the art on my website. I've done a couple of oil paintings that came out (I think) well. It would be nice to restructure the art section of my site, too. Not sure to what. Brainstorm time.

Really want to ... to ... to ... yeah. So many things (so many not really worth mentioning because it won't be constructive, but I want to do them, need to do them, yadda yadda...)


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