quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

rejection: If God Falls Down on Me

If God Falls Down on Me -- AlienSkin Magazine -- Jun 02 '05 - Aug 07, 2005

Dear Kaolin & Pasi,

We have all read, reviewed, and discussed your submission, If God Falls Down On Me, and we have decided to pass on the story.

Although the story offers an interesting premise in the falling space station, the tale contains a lot of unnecessary information and could use more clarity. For us the beginning segments were choppy and unclear as to how they tied in with each other.

Thus, we feel the 'telling' of the story needs a bit more work.

We do thank you for considering AlienSkin Magazine for publication and for allowing us the opportunity to review your work. Do try us again.

Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to feature one of your stories.

Katherine A. Patterson
Senior Editor

Did a lot better than my last submission to them, which had a few too many uses of the word "Fuck!" in the first few sets of dialogue. That was kicked out within 9 days. That, or I hit a lucky cycle. We'll see; hopefully I can send something to them shortly--I need to doublecheck their guidelines on how often to send.
Tags: alienskin magazine, fiction: if god falls down on me, rejection, writing

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