quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

got naked, walked down to bianca's (10 oclock), then down to about 4 oclock, then back to 10oclock (I was kinda looking for friends).

It was fun walking about naked. I got some compliments on my ass and noticed some cemales checking out my groin before my face (if they bothered to look up at all ... :heh:) It's nice to be a semirespectable piece of meat.

That's about all I did for the last few hours. Now I'm bored again, wishing the burn was over so I could pack up and disappear. Maybe I could take a nap now, or ... eh. bleh. la la la. Just not in the *&#^$*& mood. :)

It was liberating to be naked. :)

A little hungr, a little dehydrated. Bleah. Nose is sore, throat a little raw. Maybe it's time for qtips for my ears -- they're a little fucked right now. Got sprayed in one of them with water by some little kid. That sucked. My ears don't like water. I really need a shower. I don't need good food so much. I don't need to spend money. I ... yeah. I'd leave now except I'd feel like I'd given up, and it's not that. The environment doesn't bother me, except for the people now and then.

I've accomplished everything I hoped to at the beginning of the week, I think.

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