quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I haven't moved but I remembered some thoughts from last night. Oh. Last night --

I wandered down to 2 oclock and then out around the furthest art installations. It's amazing how little interest I have in everything at this point. But thoughts --

Amy -- I wonder if I'm taking this monogamy too seriously, or ... geh. I'm afraid to break boundaries, but it's fuzzy. La. We sortof set boundaries on the physical side and they're there on the emotional side, but what about the intellectual? More specifically, I turned down two things; getting playa-married to something (like the burning man) ... and "speed dating". Both two simple silly harmless things, but ... it didn't seem right to do them without her. I'll have to discuss it with her and see what she thinks. Or not -- it's not a big deal and it does seem more me tan her. If I'm uncomfortable with it for her sake, I shouldn't do it. That seems simple.

I don't know if I miss her specifically so much or just anyone to befriend in a less than utterly casual manner, one on one. Talked to sheepboy Dave a bit about relationships a couple nights ago. He greatly agreed with the one-to-one aspect of social company being the best kind.

He's in an open relationship and it's being tested for kinda the first time, and that's greatly sucking for him. With Brian, nonetheless. Bleah. While I like polyamory (I think), for a lot of people I've run into it seems it's just a fear of commitment. That frustrates the hell out of e. Even when it's not my problem anymore. I mean, what the fuck?

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