quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I'd say I don't do these...

But really, it's just been a long time. I got burned out on them. I _had_ been keeping track of all of them, but I didn't at the time think to locally link the graphics, and so those results slowly died. Anyway, life is transient, and I've been drinking a lot of coffee. I need it. But not as much as some, it appears. I need a cup a day, maybe two, and some tea on weekends to cut back the addiction a little... Just to get me through July, right?

You Are an Irish Coffee

At your best, you are: wild, spontaneous, and outgoing

At your worst, you are: too extreme and reckless

You drink coffee when: you want to keep drinking booze

Your caffeine addiction level: low
Tags: coffee, meme, overworked

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