quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

it's that time again. morning. morning. yeah. I dreamed last night. While it included actual family, it seemed it could be a good story. And on waking, I swore I'd had the dream before. I was a novice sorcerer not into my powers being attacked by a neighbor or something. Lost the thread... perhaps I'll have it again. Damn people.

People. Talking. You can't really get away from them, especially when you sneak into a main tent.

But they start out quieter and then congregate and talk more and more. bleah.

I'm in a better mood and more ready to leave at the same time. I wonder how much one has to do with the other. La. Hmm. Time to donate some more water, I think.


Next year, if there is ... a tent big enough for friends but *mine* to hide in as necessary. The dome Dave set up sounds perfect. Amy ... yeah. The playa has bonded with the tip of my pen. La la la.

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