quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Today has been a more proper burning man day. Not exactly in a better mood right now (though I was for a while0 but I'm at least more into it.

It started with a trek to find my scarf (I think I left it at Bianca's) ... I haven't recovered the scarf yet, but the trek was full of adventure. I encountered a trapped princess who I freed and took the place of.

The artist called it a personality magnifier. I sat in the corner and read. When I inished reading what there was, I started asking passers by for more reading material. Eventually I worked my way up to asking to get out -- I was bored. Shortly after I started trying, someone let me out in exchange for me flogging him.

From there, I wandered further and got sucked in by a book on fractals at the transhumanist camp. Turns out the mandelbrot set was derived from the julia set. Sily me. Then there was a good talk where I plugged the lj transhumanist community a couple of times. By the end of that it was time to hit alien love nest for the talent showish thingamy.

I got my pendant reading the story I just wrote but practically got booed off of stage ... (for taking too long) ... Hence the not so good mood, even theough I understand entirely the crowd's reaction. Just a little annoyed at myself for not realizing it before getting in line to go up. duh. fucknut. la la la.

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