February 5th, 2016

birth, fenris, 2013

feedback loops

Ah, feedback loops. I was kind of out of sorts, yesterday, and for some reason had a lot of diet coke (to try to feel better, though I "knew" it wouldn't help ... I *wanted* it to).

But diet coke hits me weirdly compared to coffee. I don't feel more alert/energized, but hours later I'm not able to go to sleep (what happens to other people with coffee?).

I ... tried relaxing, zoning out, ... took a bath. It was kind of nice, but I didn't get nearly enough sleep last night. And icing on the cake, my nightmares when I did get to sleep revolved around not getting enough sleep (less than I actually got).

Today...I feel moderately rested, but I can tell that my thoughts are ... quieter, muddy, and my emotional reactions are ... louder and noisier.

Also: WOW. That photo is from 2013. It's now 2016. That's only 3 years, but that little squiggle in the photo can REASON VERBALLY.