August 25th, 2010

2016, fenris + phoenix

wow, I've really failed to mention a lot

Let's skip over the "yay I started a new job, am living up in Berkeley again, doing a moderately hellish commute down to Los Angeles on the weekends" bit. That's something for later? And the odd bit of writing, publication, etc, etc.

I've got a sale for you--and it's not just GUD, this time! It's GUD, Crossed Genres, ResAliens, M-Brane SF, ShimmerZine, and Bull Spec (well, sort of on Bull Spec). And the sale is not as good as it was yesterday, or the day before, so I apologize for not mentioning it earlier....

Has to be seen.

Please see it:

And spread the word? Had an awesome first day of the sale thanks to io9 picking it up! But two days in and things have started dropping off. Just added M-Brane SF and ShimmerZine, so I'm hoping that'll give a nice little bump. Publicity not my forte by a long stretch, and all that. :)

Issue 6 is in the last throes of edits. Last, last, last. And then we'll be trying double-or-triple hard to get our publication schedule back to what it was supposed to be.

ALSO: I posted the deal on deals.woot but it hasn't gotten any traction there--so if you could spare a vote up, it would really be appreciated. :)