May 13th, 2010

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Mike Carey Writing Competition - shortlist

Over To You ~ Mike Carey Writing Competition

Shortlist: Steven Lugo, Kaolin Imago Fire, Leila Eadie, Hal Friesen

Mike's thoughts on the entires:

"The entries were all of a very high standard. I was really impressed both with the way the writers managed to maintain the tone and atmosphere of the opening section and with the ingenious weaving of story elements into a whole that made sense. It was a big ask: small and large plot details had to be somehow carried forward and merged towards a satisfying climax within a relatively small word count. Entrants showed great skill in fleshing out my hints and teases into solid story structure. The range of explanations for the narrative set-up, and of pay-offs from it, was enormous and impressive. The short-listed entries were chosen on the basis of both style and content - the fluency and texture of the prose, and the build to an effective ending which resolves what we already know about this situation. It was impossible in the end to whittle it down to three, so we decided to have a short-list of four."

Winner to be announced at: Alt.Fiction, Derby on 12 June, 2010
Winning entry to appear in Murky Depths Issue #14

WHOO shortlist! And if any of the other short-listers would be interested in swapping stories, ...? :)