November 7th, 2008

2016, fenris + phoenix

poetry - Not the Last Flight of Icarus

"Not the Last Flight of Icarus", completely revised, has been accepted by Every Day Poets. :D

Tease: if you want to see the new version, you'll have to check out EDP. I'll post a link when it's live--no date has yet been assigned. I'm presuming December, but it could be further out (their lineup for November is solid).

Subscribe to their daily email. It's quite a variety of poetry (1 a day), so there's a good chance it's not all to your taste, but I think it's all good to read (or at least skim, in some cases ;) ).

I've been reading from day 1, excited about the project from its sister-project Every Day Fiction.

[edited: the poem is "Not the Last Flight of Icarus", vs "The Last Flight of Icarus". My bad. I need to slow down and triple-check things, sometimes.]