October 13th, 2008

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The Lion + The Mouse @ Strange Horizons

One day Mouse returned to one of his many lairs in the deep metal forest of the scrapyard, only to find it blocked by Lion, half-covered in debris. Mouse was enraged, and approached the slow-moving and outdated Lion with the intent to scurry with his fearsome claws and gnash with his fearsome teeth until the sad beast's scrap was fit for nesting. As Mouse approached, however, Lion signaled a plea: "Spare me, little master! Men chase me and my bearings have lost coherence. Help me flee and I shall pay you back this favor, somehow."


No awesome picture for me this time. *pout* But hey. :)

ETA: Oh, and expect a little something in the next issue of Southern Fried Weirdness. A poem! :) Maybe those years in Texas will have been worth something after all. ;)
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Things you don't hear a lot about these days?

What ever happened to killer bees and acid rain? I know they still exist. Are they just not threats anymore? (I'm saying that somewhat sarcastically if it's not clear; though maybe I missed the "We've turned the corner on pollution; and the bees have agreed to a cease-fire zone!" memos.)