September 18th, 2008

watcher, eyeball, flesh, evil

I've been blinded

No, not by science ((and no, not really)). But I just had a monitor give up the ghost, and its absence is a lot like having a blind spot in one eye (it's my left monitor, this time, instead of center, thankfully. But at the same time that leaves me with an unbalanced view--1600x1200 center, 1280x1024 right). My eyes keep twitching over to a blank spot.

RMA acquired, need to send it off. Internetz say it's most likely a dying transistor or capacitor that should be trivial to patch, but since it's still under warranty I'll just bite the shipping costs and get it done "right". Especially since the odds of me having the right capacitor or transistor are slim to ... slimmer.