January 2nd, 2008

gud magazine

Vote for me! Vote for GUD! :)

Critters is hosting its annual Preditors & Editors Poll, a reader's choice poll. ((And we here at GUD have nominated some of the work we published in 2007)). Stop by and have a look. Maybe vote for your favorite story or artwork... If you're thinking GUD, anything from Issues 0 or 1 are eligible. :)

We've named the following pieces in the applicable categories:

  • Horror Short Stories: Max Velocity by Leslie Claire Walker

  • Romance Short Stories: Longs to Run by David Bulley

  • Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories: Sundown by Debbie Moorhouse

  • All other Short Stories: Arrow by Nadine Darling

  • Poems page: The Banker Calls for Three Martinis and a Pipe by Cami Park

  • Nonfiction articles page: Mad Dogs by Christian A. Dumais

  • Magazine/e-zine Cover Artwork page: GUD Issue 0 (Gutmouth by Konrad Kruszewski)

  • Authors page: Debbie Moorhouse

  • Poets page: Rusty Barnes

  • Artists page: Fefa

  • Magazine/e-zine Editors page: Kaolin Fire

  • Review Site page: GUD reviews

  • Fiction Magazine/e-zines page: GUD

  • Poetry Magazine/e-zines page: GUD

  • Nonfiction Magazine/e-zines page: GUD

I'd really appreciate any and all help, voting here. Of course look at the other entries, nominate someone or something else if you feel it's warranted. :)

I also put myself under "best magazine art" to compete with Gutmouth (poe little thing, Issue 6). And Best ebook cover art (Kynyr's War).

I know it's a lot of clicking, but everyone voting is eligible for a prize from one of the sponsors. :) So it's win/win, right? :)