December 27th, 2005

2016, fenris + phoenix

A few rejections...

(Strange Horizons): Splicing Seconds (poem) -- Oct 11 to Nov 2
Thank you for letting us see your poem and for your
interest in Strange Horizons. We are afraid we are saying no on this submission. We wish you the best of luck in your writing and hope you will continue to consider SH. Enjoy the rest of your Autumn.

(Snow Monkey): It could happen to you -- May 20 to Nov 17
Thank you for your extreme patience while we caught up with our submissions. We wish we could offer your work a place in our upcoming issues, but this time we can't. We wish you all the best with your work and everything else.

(Deathlings): Altered -- Aug 17 to Dec 27 (dated Dec 20)
Thank you for submitting your short story "Altered" to's short story contest "Impaired" and thanks for your interest in our e-zine. Unfortunately, we didn't find your story a perfect fit for our upcoming issue.

We appreciate when writers choose us to consider their work, for we know the time and effort involved in crafting a short story.

Please continue to submit to our contests--our next contest theme is: "Funhouse Mirror" (carnival theme) with a Jun 1, 2006 deadline.

It's been a while since I sent something out, really. Next year...