November 29th, 2005

2016, fenris + phoenix

meme -- remember when?

If you read this (even if we don't speak often), please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me. It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE! Then, if you choose to do so, you can post a similar entry in your own journal.

Written for coffeeslayer --
We went to New York and dug a tunnel in the snow, hiding from the rabid beaverbats. We'd traced the gengineers as far as lower Manhattan, but there they'd laid their trap. The garlic mostly worked, and I was thankful you'd thought to bring it, but it was mostly the red hair dye that distracted them long enough to let me run for it.

The gengineers did an amazing job of putting you back together after I hacked their chaos circuits. They never expected such a show of anti-solidarity from a so-called hero.

Truly, American television saved the day.

Written for cussedness --
I think my saddest memory with you is the day you lost your million dollar idea. I was just a phonecall away to climb through the sewers of your victorian mansion, but to no avail. The psychic investigation agency didn't help anything, either--come to think of it, I don't quite understand why they were there. Did you call them in? They seemed to just "know" what was going on, which, in my world at least, is dangerously uncanny in retrospect. They certainly couldn't guess the card I was holding, no matter how many times they tried. When slight of hand can fool a psychic, something is definitely amiss.

I can't believe I never saw it before! The seed money for their demonic network... your idea... I'm so sorry...

Written for degnarra --
Two years ago in Versailles--we were trundling down the river watching the sky turn purple and pink, while the suns swam in circles. I love equinoxes, and while it's a simple memory, I think it's one of my favorites. The way the water moved, and the singing of the toadlings; even you answering your cellphone somehow fit into the harmony of it all (doesn't hurt that I really like Machiavelli's Fourth Symphony for Brunettes). I just wish I could find the floating restaurant again--I've not had anything like its fried potato slices, since.

Written for shaktool --
In 2026, I accidentally tuned in my mind probes to your mental radio. Convolving that signal with the original songs, I was able to establish a new signal--running that against the bible as spoken by James Earl Jones, the plans to a UFO were laid out quite plainly. I built the UFO and flew off to Andromeda, where aliens probed me and sent me back; unfortunately for me, they sent me back to 2000 with a completely different history. All I have left are the disturbing dreams which I hope will someday bring me back to my true past.