November 15th, 2005

2016, fenris + phoenix

samsung a850 tricks

undocumented or poorly documented or I'm just on crack;

  • holding down the left/side down arrow triggers silent mode

  • holding down the right/side upper arrow for a short bit triggers outside lcd backlight

  • holding down the right/side upper arrow for a long bit triggers grayscale self-portrait photo preview mode

Sounds like the a850 is exceedingly hacker-unfriendly.

2016, fenris + phoenix

baen bar -- astounding slush

To be depressed, or not depressed. Ah, the eternal conundrum and/or struggle.

Baen Bar's "astounding slush" is a slush/open workshop process. Post a story, crit others, and maybe, just maybe, your story will be selected by the wise editors as their "newbie pick".

They're doing innovative things with royalties... on magazines, and magazine e-editions, single-story downloads, etc. All things I wanted to hit the market with six months ago with my own magazine. Worth doing still? Probably. Now there's a pro market to follow in the footsteps of.

Posted maybe six crits of others' stories. Posted Unicorn Hunt.

Waiting response...

their own guess at conventional wisdom says give up if it's not selected within three months. a crit would be nice.
2016, fenris + phoenix

meme (Me! Me!) -- freudian "inventory" results

Freudian Inventory Results
Oral (56%) you appear to have a good balance of independence and interdependence knowing when to accept help and when to do things on your own.
Anal (43%) you appear to have a good balance of self control and spontaneity, order and chaos, variety and selectivity.
Phallic (73%) you appear to have issues with controlling your sexual desires and possibly fidelity.
Latency (50%) you appear to have a good balance of abstract knowledge seeking and practicality, dealing with real world responsibilities while still cultivating your abstract and creative faculties and interests.
Genital (66%) you appear to have a progressive and openminded outlook on life unbeholden to regressive forces like traditional authority and convention.
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