September 6th, 2005

2016, fenris + phoenix

more fun with blender

Found a nice Tree Maker by Blender Dungeon. Took some playing with (and a couple of crashes) to get something nice out of it, but I think I might have started to get the hang of it (started to, because I stopped once I got something I could run with). Next trick--exporting the tree without the script... and without losing the textures. ((the leaves, specifically)). Though I think I did fairly darn well for all that. Also learned some things about textures and bezier curves and the like, since last render. The whole "sleep on it" effect. And I've got more tricks (robot animation) up my sleeve, when I can get to it.

Blender rocks. All the people that support blender rock.




All this is brought to you by the worst case of coder's block in recent history. I've got so much I need to not even be doing, anymore--just _have done_. There's no time for doing. I need to make this an obscenely long week, and I need to stop playing around. I need to get past this block on this one project, so ... stuff can happen. There's a lot more stuff that needs to happen. I was supposed to have so much more done this weekend.

So much.