December 13th, 2004

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I want a motorcycle jacket with the following somehow attached to the back (first thought was stitched, but I want my motorcycle jacket to be waterproof. Screenprinted?

Whoah, okay, now that I tricked myself in here...

I don't know. So much going on, so little to say. I had a good birthday party. The Oakland apartment is officially closed and empty and cleaned (Julie and Amy did the last load and cleaning while I stayed down here and unpacked and put away and made room for that last load--and boy was it a doozy. All the stuff that was hardest to pack, plus cleaning supplies... is still the hardest to categorize and do stuff with.

Need to make room for the fridge we bought and are having delivered tomorrow. Finally, a fridge. I can start storing milk again. Cereal! Milk! I like milk. At least, it beats water. And the water here is extra-scary. I've flushed sediment out of it several times. Haven't seen any lately, but there's no telling.

The new apartment is spacious compared to the old one. So far. I think it is. hard to tell, really, as it's packed to the gills with ... stuff. Making a goodwill box (and I found a "clothes for the homeless" box on the property, as well as finally finding trash and recycling). Getting better (or lucky) at design lately. It would be nice if it were an iterative thing as it's supposed to be. for reference.

Working at -- design firm that "does interactive". Which is web and such, though they do print and video and all that, too. An odd, interesting team. So far, underpaid, I'm enjoying it. Started officially today. Have been contracting since mid-november. Need to bill them--need to track down someone else I did work for and bill them, too, and then start picking up the pieces... in January, mid-January, probably.

Wedding plans are full speed ahead, and stressful. But things are coming together or staying apart but somehow coalescing. Time moves forward, if nothing else. That tends to be a constant.

Doing the Flash and Chat at Scrawl semi-weekly, and people have been responding well to my throw-away humor. I should try something less humorous again, because I have more respect for less humorous stuff, but dunno. Writing is writing, and keeping it up is good. I've been slacking off everywhere else. I've been slacking off on everything, really. Oy.

Mid-January is my mantra.

That and a nice honeymoon at a lodge up in Sequoiah National Park. Good food, cross-country skiing... rest and relaxation?
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