August 16th, 2004


six new paintings

These three are mine.

Max painted two. One was a significant deviation from his usual style--far simpler, or more subtly complex, and really in actuality more complex because the level of noise is reduced.

Jill painted one--it's her second (ever, ish, and it's really amazing; scary, even.).

I suppose after that teaser I should show you all of them but I only actually took pictures (blurry, it seems) of mine. When they dry in a month or two... and I need to come up with some CMS for my dad's paintings and my mom's existence.

I also beaded a gourd in a gourd-beading (shakeray?) class with two of my parents' new friends. They were both very cool. It was a good weekend. I made minimal progress on imaginaries, but even that was pretty good; not what I'd intended, but good. Now it's nearly 1am and I should really be heading to sleep, but I'm drinking coffee because it's good. :) [[mmmmmmmmocha]]

Maybe I should make a 3d art section on my page. I did take a picture of the beaded gourd. I could probably take better pictures. It is _not_ well done, but it was interesting and fun and such. I suppose there's a lot more 3d stuff I could put up as well, but that will come. That will come.

Missing Amy considerably, which warms my heart. :)

Played starcraft with Max today. He's pretty good, especially for not having played against a non-computer opponent before. He got bad luck on the draw against computers, and I threw him off by existing, but it was really good to play (against) him, and I look forward to playing (with) him in the future; I far prefer the 'top versus bottom' game style versus the competitive-versus-people-I-know style; playing against someone is very stressful. I think I played my best terran games ever (probably luck, largely), but man. I was really nervous.

Looking forward to a starcraft tournament Aug 20-29 I signed up for. I really don't know how I compare to people I don't know. I'm sure there are people much, much better than me. But ... we will see. It would be cool to even just qualify. I have no idea what that would mean, but it would be cool. Some recognition for all the time I squirrel away on this ever-addictive game? :)
2016, fenris + phoenix

putting it out there

Folks have been helping me line edit a story I wrote several years ago. I just sent the 2700 words it has become off to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. I should expect my self-addressed, stamped rejection in roughly eight weeks, presuming I put enough stamps on it for fifteen pages (name on every sheet, double-spaced, 1 inch margins).

An email is now circulating with rumors (quite true) that I'm trying to sell my artwork off to make room for more (and buy new canvases, etc). Any painting under $100 is negotiable; $100 to $300 I'll let go, including ups ground shipping within the continental united states, for $100; $300 to $500 I'll let go, including ups ground shipping within the continental united states, for $200. Paintings asking over $500 and I'd have to fight with Amy to sell them "cheaply". This sale will probably last a month or two. We'll see how it goes?