August 3rd, 2004

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life changes

Amy just got the job at college of the canyons, which is where her dad works. So we'll be moving down there as we'd sort of planned, but we haven't planned shit.

Life changes.

This is going to be interesting.

What I expect is she'll head down there and I'll follow "in a while", so we can continue sort-of "raking in the bucks". And have more time to look for a house and more money to put down on a house and such as that. It would be nice to have a house with dsl prepped to move into.


It's only been two years in this place (two and a half), but I've really become entrenched--more so than ever before.

I came to Berkeley in the summer of 1995. I've been here "way too long", as much as I love the area. I've wanted to leave it for some time, but I haven't had the impetus.


Dinner and discussion.

I came home tired and grumpy and hungry. The hunger has faded a bit, waiting. The grumpiness is overwhelmed by the good news. But that just has me to a flat, neutral existence, especially combined with the tired and probably as well with the essentially hungry even if I'm not feeling it.

And I'm definitely scared.