July 6th, 2004

frazzled, cat in water

another weekend update

Today is/was Tuuuuuuesday. Which isn't really Tuesday in my world anymore, because writing group has moved a day askew--tomorrow is the real Tuesday. Please step down. Collapse )

Reading Mother Night by Vonnegut, borrowed on Sunday, to be returned at Tuesday.

SUNDAY was the fourth of July. Collapse )

Saturday I helped Shweta Move. Collapse )

Friday... was... blah... I'd planned on taking Friday off and working Monday, but that's not how things worked out.

And just a tad out of order is Monday. What did I do Monday? Amy came home late Sunday night (another weekend in Los Angeles working out wedding plans), and ... I suppose we hung out a bit here and there and ... I worked on http://dev.imaginaries.org/ a fair amount. Collapse )

Oh. And also on Monday, when Amy wasn't watching, I shaved off the goatee I'd been growing for a monthish, and freaked the hell out of her. She's not good with change, but apparently she'd gotten quite used to it. She'll get used to not it again soon, I'm sure. It was more of a distraction when trying to work than I wanted.