June 28th, 2004

2016, fenris + phoenix

listless day

no list. none at all.

Woke up rather lackadaisical, a bit tired but mobile and somewhat thinkingish. Went in to work. Bike seems happier cold than warm--throttle "sticking" when warmer. Beautiful drive in. Last tank was 47.46 mpg, which is better than I thought it was doing. I'm going to try to take slightly better track of that. La? 131.8 miles, 2.777 gallons. $6.55 for the high octane stuff.

Work was work. Ish. Couldn't concentrate very well. Got grumpy.

Came home; set up nfg's chat system on poemranker and hung out there for a while. Snagged some good conversation with horus8, zamzara (how _do_ I refer to a guy who changes his name every few weeks, eh?), guest 5/guest 8 (lol was as much as he could utter as he was falling asleep at the keyboard, but he said it a fair amount), and rodavlas. It was nice how quick and easy it was to put up (30 minutes ish, probably quicker the next time--imaginaries, eh? eh?). Lost a lot of time in that there chatroom.

Noticed I was swimming in and out of tiredness and annoyance and got up and did that yoga video. It felt good--less aerobic that the first time, which is a little worrying, but it was still good. I think I didn't do my breathing as well (partly because one nostril was stubbornly closed), which may have inhibited the aerobicness of it all. Still toughened and stretched muscles and raised my heart rate for a while. Medium shower and I could touch my toes with my legs looking straight to me but something obviously out of whack as it moved when I stood up and really straightened my legs. This touch-your-toes thing I've not done in my adult life--and while this wasn't quite it, it's the closest I've come before (I've come this close before, but just), and far quicker towards it than previous... Looking forward to being able to stretch the way 'normal' people can.

Now it's afterwards and I'm winding down, getting ready for bed. I didn't "accomplish" much this evening, but I'm feeling overall good about that. Relaxed. Working on my physical and mental health--projects will come.