June 27th, 2004

2016, fenris + phoenix

another little project

Spent today hanging out with Max, working on a website for the Rockhound Saloon. Went through specing out what the information content categories were going to be, how it would all interlink (and the same for the Fiddletown Rocks website). Then spent many hours in photoshop trying to mock up a site, then several more hours moving that into lame exported html, and tweaking that html into something that would expand in the right parts, float around in the right parts, etc. Going to have to figure out something truly nifty for submenus (no ideas I like at the moment), and need to decide if I'm going to be stupid and try to do rollovers for the menu (all images, currently a large imagemap).

http://rockhoundsaloon.alethe.net/ for a taste.

Also spent a few hours this morning making a quick "hyperlink this text" method in java and applying it to a lot of crap on poemranker ((comments, suggestions, ...)).

And also also, this morning was a dentist appointment--cleaning. Shortest. Appointment. Ever. I've been flossing near-nightly, brushing daily. This is big news for me. He couldn't believe how little blood was trickling out of my gums while he scraped and prodded. Got another referral for getting my lower wisdom teeth out, as I'd long lost the old one--and it looks like I'll have better dental insurance starting the beginning of July, so now's the time to do it.
2016, fenris + phoenix

yoga morning

I've been thinking about keeping track of my mood swings. Or more just making more notes of them so I can track them later when I'm more curious--because I am curious from time to time and notice that I'm really not sure where I've been. Of course in the same breath I can switch between three moods, and back again, so it's hard to find and _notice_ the prevailing tendencies until 'much later'.

Went to bed ... late last night, though I'm not quite sure when. The last time I remember seeing was 3:30, and I think that was shortly before going to bed; though really that could be a fabricated memory. :/ I was woken up by yowling cats two hours and eight hours later. Woke up at 1 or 2pm feeling wholly ... miserable of body. Puttered around. Puttered around some more. Had a bagel. Finished a book. Reminded myself multiple times that I was supposed to do a yoga dvd.

Did the yoga dvd; first time trying this one after having it recommended; first time exercising in weeks. Months, probably.

It was much harder than any of the previous yoga dvds I'd tried. Heart rate went up quickly and stayed there. Muscles strained but never collapsed. Just did the 30 minutes a.m. section. If I can do that daily, I'll be rocking. Rock rock rocking. My hair will probably hate me, though (it really dislikes daily showers; then again, it likes them better when I've been sweaty, so maybe it will forgive).

I can't believe it's 5pm already. That's a lot of puttering. zzinnia says that, to paraphrase and perhaps slant, the rockhound saloon page might not be pure crap after the 8 more hours I spent tweaking it last night. Really starting to understand photoshop's slices. Would totally prefer to do the site, as stands, with css instead of tables so that other people could choose wildly different layouts... but I'm not sure how to do that. :/ Maybe with lots of pre and post markers? Probably need to cut the menu up into individual slices instead of the imagemap that it currently is. Bah.