June 25th, 2004

2016, fenris + phoenix

My eyes don't want to focus

It's been a week since my last update, twelve days since I said something that wasn't a meme. I can't recap, but I'll try. Or something.


Today is Friday. I'm really tired; at work. Work is going pretty well. I had bouts of productivity the last two weeks and that made me feel better about things. Veronica not being here is weird. Hmm--it appears I didn't mention that anywhere. Veronica was the other programmer here; I helped hire her back in November. Work has overall been unpleasant for a long time, though still better than a lack of work; her ticket out of here was a 6mo contract job subcontracted to Gap, or something like that. She gave her two weeks' notice the second day of my two week vacation. I didn't hear about it until I was back, which was the day before her last day of work. with her gone, the place is odd. Oddly easier for me to work in. I think I'm less of a team player than I want to be. I'm enjoying running rampant in code and doing whatever I feel like to it (generally "fixing" things). Which I could have done before just the same but I didn't feel that I could. I'm like that with a lot of things--not good at sharing. Having trouble with the wedding like that, really. I want to have a say, Amy's happy to include me in things, but... I'm not doing anything. It's not mine--it's hers. Which is okay by me so long as it winds up being something I like. ;) I just need to help make sure it's something I like. :)

Yesterday. Thursday. Amy taught her class and left for an extended weekend down in Los Angeles. She teaches three and a half hours MTWTh, in the morning. That takes up most of her spare time, planning and whatnot, but she does have most of Th and all of FSSu off, if you want to look at it like that. Coming home from work, there was an immediate pang of missing her, but that faded with how tired I am/was. Ate because I was hungry, faded in and out reading a bit of historical nonfiction (with pictures) regarding the Endurance expedition to the antarctic.

Got on the computer to start working on a comic and got pulled into working on zspace stuff a little more. I did a comic a week ago, coloring and resketching a sketch that zzinnia interpreted from my instructions. It came out pretty well, though the caption is a stretch of a groaner and perhaps a little too refined in audience requirements. I've got a list of comic ideas and she's sketched a number of them for me, so I picked one of my favorites and ... largely mangled it. It needs at the very least a lot more time spent on it.

Zspace is a minor project I did some long time ago; a calendary for them, through a friend. The server they've been using went under, so friend and I have been making their transition for them. I like the new place they're working with, but it's taking a lot more time than it should. Thankfully, Thursday stalled out with us waiting on support ticket question type things.

I played two games of Zuma on popcap games, and enjoyed it very much. I'm a bit jealous of the games popcap seem to be able to just churn out. Very high quality and addictive.

Amy and I played starcraft with Ed and one of his friends. Heavy network lag, likely because Amy and Ed were on the same network behind a cablemodem. Very zen game. That stretched into forever.

Wednesday was a very long night. That's when Ben and I did most of the zspace work-to-date. I don't remember whether I got anything else done. Hmm. Yeah, don't know. Oh yes; Wednesday was Tuesday (writing group). I didn't write much. Ohhhhh. But when I got home I posted some imaginaries submissions, and wrote a short piece to flesh out the contest because it had only had two entries!?. Oy. Repeat after me--must revamp imaginaries, must revamp imaginaries, must revamp imaginaries...

Tuesday, then-- I upgraded resin on alethe, tried to get php working behind it with FastCGI and had some success, but not for squirrelmail, which was the whole point. May need ot look back into that. Also in upgrading resin I seem to have broken the headless AWT mode of java, so some generated graphs and fonts and whatnot aren't happening all over the place. That same night (whichever it was), did the guestbook for http://amyandkaolin.net, and... a favicon for it. Hmm. Or maybe this was all on wednesday, too. Hard to say. I think not.

All a blur? I don't remember. Really.

Saturday night I stayed up doing the aforementioned comic that I think came out rather well. Which means that saturday day was when my folks came down for father's day? That can't be right. I got one of those days wrong. Because they came down on Sunday. We spent the afternoon painting. It was nice, except the two paintings I did are rather ... worse than usual. One's halfway decent. The other's really not. Or something. But apparently it was Jill's first real painting experience, and not only did she do something rather nice and interesting, but she had a lot of fun doing it. So. Maybe she'll do it more often, now.

Then we're back into last week, and it's beyond a blur into nothingness. Goodbye.

Current--bike still in need of maintenance, more and more so. Dangerously so? ((leaking forks, other things previously detailed, and now the throttle seems to be sticking again, somewhere somehow...)) Insurance is being ignored because I don't like where it's wound up ((somehow they're not dealing with the other guy's insurance company so it's all supposed to come out of mine? what? I shouldn't ignore it but I'm so burnt right now...))

Trying hard to stop ignoring speculativeliterature.org -- but. but. but.

And. Stuff. So burnt.

NFG's theoretical move to a new server is ... still pending. stuff. Person hasn't had a chance to look at the code/data I sent.