June 13th, 2004

2016, fenris + phoenix

I'm .......... back. :)

Chicago was good. Vacation was good. Train was interesting. Good. Life is good, with a dash of wonderful.

Starting work again tomorrow is going to be pure hell. :)

Cute meme:
How to make a nentwined

1 part competetiveness

5 parts brilliance

3 parts leadership
Layer ingredients in a shot glass. Top it off with a sprinkle of wisdom and enjoy!
2016, fenris + phoenix

A day well-spent that has me spent?

Not all that well-spent, really. But. It's far better than sitting around doing nothing. So far, I've... gone out for lunch (our traditional weekly indian buffet; mmmmmyum), hunted around Cody's for a copy of NFG (just to see that yes, it's really there!) and a book: "life in the middle ages" (sort of thing; there's a couple I was looking for, found none of them, but-- "The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millenium" ((I think I may have already said this. Hmm. Nope. Okay, continuing on...))

I read a bit of the book, did some research on bezier curves and fitting points that blurred my eyes something fierce, and then set out to work on my bike. I managed to wash it... take out two of the three spark plugs and knock some crust off of them (should replace them), re-seat the gas tank (I'd put it back on wrong; erk!?), and ... that was it. I need to (have done): replace air filter assembly, oil, oil filter, spark plugs, front left fork seal, right headlamp mounting thing, rear light thing (not brake), front brake pads (maybe?), have timing and drive chain adjusted, drive chain properly lubed (while I'm at it), and tires properly pressured (while I'm at it). I think that's pretty much it, but ... I don't want to do the oil or oil filter or chain lube or tire pressure, and don't seem able/ept enough (or have the parts easily gettable let alone on hand) for the rest. Oy. I suck.

Next--more reading, and maybe some painting. Dinner in a couple of hours. I'm parched (must needs slake some thirst), maybe a nibble... and ... do I really want to start painting today? Aie me. Oy oy oy. I bought a bunch of canvases on the way back from Los Angeles, just because, including one extra-long landscape piece for a scribble I made. I have to figure out how many paintings I'm going to do if I'm going to do them today. And look at the bezier curves again? Aie me. [[The reading is for a story I'm working on.]]

Ooh. And the (personally hand-picked organic) blueberries Karan left us are _deliiiiiicious_. Very, very happy-making. And they came in a very cute serving bowl that I think Amy will get a kick out of once she's done lesson-planning for the day. [[I've already interrupted her far more times than I would have appreciated were I similarly focused]].