May 17th, 2004

2016, fenris + phoenix

because it was asked for

I exist. somewhat, as ever. good and bad. and bad and bad. and good.

Thursday was a concert. Slipknot, Fear Factory, Chimaira. They all rocked hard. I got in the pit at least once per band, stayed towards the front, tried to get someone to help me crowdsurf (towards the end) and failed such. "Next time". It was just wonderful. Went with Amy's brother, Ed, and a friend of his--Brian. Went from work, grabbed BK on the run, mile point seven or so, and sat/stood in line while chatting with a random folk and his friend. oddness.

Friday was pain, delirium, and work. Six hours of barely sleep. Every muscle in my body was sore from the concert. _Especially_ my neck muscles. Oy oy oy? I could barely hold my head up -- with my hands. Work blurred by, frustratingly. Spent way, way too long working on trying to get apache2 with ssl and mod_jk on a redhat box. Days, even. I'm not so good with redhat. Blah.

Saturday was more pain. Same. Still. Long talk with Amy. Drinks, sadness, and happiness.

Sunday was still pain. Worked on Made it cleaner, faster to use. A bit. Added 'highlight'ing of tasks, to pull them to the top level for greater visibility. drinks, happiness, time passing...

Monday. Monday, monday, monday. Monday. Monday.
2016, fenris + phoenix

I like art of the visual sort

I'm a big fan of whorls, and sketchiness. Splatters and scratches. Lines and shapes. Less a fan of blobbiness, or globular smears. Not so much torn edges, though they can be good. I like darkness, and I like contrast. I like ideas, especially dark or twisted ideas, and coherent forms. I like art that is aesthetically pleasing to me, at a minimum (I'm sure there are exceptions, but). I like art that looks like it was done with skill and, generally, precision.

All for now.