May 5th, 2004

2016, fenris + phoenix

over. whelmed.

I was rambling in my thoughts on my way home from work today, not quite into the book I'm reading (I hate one of the main characters, and dislike the other two), but it's rare hard science and has to be appreciated for that, at least--I was thinking about my misbegotten attempt to teach java (aka computer science) at a local highschool many years ago. I'd really like another go at it. [[which reminds me of emails I'm ignoring and need to answer, I'm three thousand deep now--many of them of significant social importance at the very least, though by now many can be deleted as ignorable--but none of that is spam, and all of it is stuff I meant to attend to at the time, or even in my wisdom meant to attend to at some later time, which is still probably long past. sigh?]] But I'd really like another go at it. And then I thought about the book on java I started writing back in ... 2k, or maybe even '99. And then I started ranting in my mind about things I wanted to say and remember, and knew as they were happening that I was losing them--and I wanted to get home sooner to write them down and say something interesting that perhaps could start some intelligent discourse, which would then brighten my day. intelligent discourse that I don't feel too tired or stupid to participate in never fails to brighten my day.

the (less than intelligent) ramblings I have left, after returning home, checking email, catching up on LJ ((I told myself I would write first, and do these later, and ... well, such is the price, same as telling myself I'll write a dream down "later")).

    A problem with introduction to computer science is that students don't have a clue what they're being introduced to, and often--they're not introduced to it at all; they're led blind to its curves and told to feel it, to ponder it as it squishes under their fingers. Then, still blind, they're told to take the goo and make little structures out of it--a small pot, a vase, a mug.

    They have no clue what any of this means or why they're doing it. They don't know if their creation is ugly or bad, and it's insubstantial so even a proud parent can't look at it and treasure it for them.

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And that's all I have to say for now. Any questions? Comments? I'm sure I say some mistruths in there, I know I meander, ... it's a rant, and one I hope to improve and to build on, perhaps to even evolve into, if not a book, a curriculum.

Though... shit, yeah. This then meandered into robotics--and where robotics comes into all this, and then from there where mechanics, and physics, and all that enter in. The robotics was going to take a look at merging two things--one is to extend computers into the real world, and the other is to extend mechanics into the digital world. There are reasons for both, of course, but those are (in my head) certain mindsets that people have, and when two people communicate with different mindsets and without the understanding of different mindsets, often no proper communication takes place.

more later, I hope. Posted the above rant to two groups I hope will have something interesting to say, which makes three including this livejournal. :)